About Vera

My name means "faith" in Russian and the people around me say that I inspire and motivate the others. I can never sit on one place and I want to work on numerous projects, that bring me joy in my everyday life: photography, online photography course, my photography blog on Instagram... I find inspiration everywhere around me!

Photography has been my passion since the childhood. After having organised my own wedding, I understood how much I love the atmosphere and the emotions of this event - I want to capture and share these sincere feelings and joy of people through my photos.
To know a bit more about me
I started taking photos professionally on the concerts, of musicians
I speak 3 languages per day (French, Russian and English) and in my family you can sometimes hear weird mixes of those
I love travelling and discovering the cultures of each country
Big family
I have two sisters and 3 brothers, I am the eldest
I am a super The Beatles fan and I have gon to Paul's and Ringo's concerts several times
My passion
I love dogs (my Instagram feed is full of them)
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